четвртак, 07. јун 2012.

PCLinuxOS Magazine 2012.06

PCLinuxOS magazin u junskom broju donosi:

* Clouds In The Sky, Google Drive Arrives
* Cloudy Skies: A Roundup Of Linux Cloud Storage
* Picasa On Linux: There ARE Alternatives
* PCLinuxOS: The Band & Their Song
* Linux Financial Apps: Grisbi
* Alternate OS: PC-BSD, Part 3
* LXAutostart: A Closer Look
* QEMU: The Other Virtual Machine, Part 1
* Move Hard Drive From One Computer To Another
* Install & Run Pure-FTPD Server On PCLinuxOS
* Genealogy With GRAMPS, Part 1
* Encode It With QR Codes
* I još mnogo toga!

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