субота, 13. мај 2017.

PCLinuxOS Magazine 2017.05

PCLinuxOS magazin u majskom broju donosi:

* Control Screen Brightness Without A Power Manager
* aTunes: Importing Your CD Collection
* Is There A VPN In Your Future?
* ms_meme's Nook: PCLinuxOS
* Repo Review: Android-Related Programs
* PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner
* Creating A Kiosk Machine With PCLinuxOS And Xfce
* PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: Pat
* Playing Talisman Online With PCLinuxOS
* GIMP Tutorial: Using The Clone Tool To Edit Photos, Again
* Tip Top Tips: Add Images From PCLOS-Cloud To The Forum
* PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions

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FCM #120

- FCM u broju 120, inače izdanju kojim obeleževa 10 godina objavljivanja, donosi:

* Command & Conquer
* How-To : Python (Arduino), A Week Without a GUI, and Intro To FreeCAD
* Graphics : Inkscape & Kdenlive
* ChromeCult: Firefox Add-ons
* Linux Labs: Old Hardware Benchmarks & Linux From Scratch
* Review: LXLE
* Book Review: Geeky Projects For The Experienced Maker
* Ubuntu Games: Steam Hardware Survey
* The return of My Desktop 
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